About the Project

ACUMEN proposes a completely new approach for the development of career management supports and resources. It considers career management as a subject to be taught; as a set of competences to be developed and updated; a skill set to be used and re-used throughout ones working life. It considers career management skills as key factors that will ultimately define the achievement or non-achievement of a sustainable career. It sees career management skills as key determinants of social and economic well-being. The ACUMEN project consortium consider career management skills to be almost like a 'new form of literacy' that is essential in the current European employment marketplace.

ACUMEN will be the first Erasmus+ project focusing on career management for adults in employment. It will include a number of individual innovative elements including;
- a comprehensive suite of career management training resources categorized under the 4 themes of Self; Strengths; Horizons; Networks. A minimum of 6 career management resources will be developed for each of the 4 themes complete with a suite of robust on-line assessment tools to ensure that the desired learning outcomes are achieved;
- an interactive audio-visual user guide for adults in employment that supports their engagement with the new career management resources;
 - a career management e-learning portal that supports on-line learning on computer, tablet, smart-phone or any other popular mobile device