TTG Team Training GmbH

ttg team training GmbH is a provider of adult, VET and further education, offering programmes in social work, language courses, as well as employment support services, counselling and coaching to jobseekers and adult learners in their region. ttg was founded 1997 and have 9 offices in 7 different cities in the region Neckar-Alb in the southwest of Germany. Our participants include early school leavers, job seekers, long-term unemployed, migrants, single parents and members of other disadvantaged groups. We offer different supporting measures for those who are at risk of social exclusion and combine education with individual case support. For many years we have been working together with regional employers in the area to deliver internships and probationary work, company tours, vocational training and apprenticeships, and job placements. ttg is an Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung accredited organisation. For further information please visit our web site