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LUMSA University was founded in Rome in 1939 and it is characterized by its openness to the idea of universal human citizenship. LUMSA is one of the most important non-state universities of central Italy, with about 9000 students and 800 teachers and professors; it has three Faculties situated in neighbouring locations, and other branches operating in Palermo and Taranto. The university is located in the historic centre of Rome promotes an holistic approach to education and the personal development of its students. LUMSA University offers four main subject areas of teaching and research activities: Economics, Humanities, Languages and Law. LUMSA pays particular attention to new professional profiles and to the emerging needs of the world of work, and it is constantly engaged in research activities at national and international level. LUMSA University received the ECTS Label in 2009 and the DS Label in 2010. For further information please visit our web site

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