In-service training

In this section you will find a full in-service training programme developed to support adult educators, workforce development experts, employment services providers and human resource managers on the new Career Management Curriculum.
The in-service programme includes 12 hours face-to-face training resources listed below in the 4 different areas of the Career Management curriculum: SELF, STRENGTH, HORIZON, NETWORKS. Each area offers a presentation and a variety of handouts to be used during the workshops. In the SELF presentation a brief intro on the general aims of the Career Management Curriculum is provided.
Additionally, there is also a set of learning resources for 18 hours of independent study. These documents offer the possibility to deepen the knowledge related to most relevant topics and tools provided in the Training.
At the end of the In-service Training it is possible to propose to the trainers an online self-assessment on the learning outcomes of the workshops, in order to verify its effectiveness.


Face-to-face training resources for trainers

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Independent study learning resources for trainers

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